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Timber Cooling Towers

We Welltech cooling systems are one of Indian leading manufacturing and best Services of wooden cooling towers. Since, dealing among a projects in India and overseas of cooling technologies.

The design incorporates accommodation of waters with very high TDS factors the hot water from the source when circulated to the collection basin with flower pot nozzles, are sprayed over the fill area. Simultaneously, air is induced through the fill media thus taking away the latent heat from the water passing through the fill media. Portions of water evaporated, removes the heat from the remaining water. The warm moist air is drawn through the fan deck is discharged to the atmosphere. Cold water, collected at the collection sump, is re-circulated to the heat source.


We manufacturer of Timber / Wooden Cooling tower in Multi-cell configurations are provided to offer flexibility of operations and also to meet increased cooling requirements. These Cooling Towers are supplied with treated timber construction, which is pressure treated with Copper Chromate Arsenic. Structural design for operational load and wind pressure of 30 psi is taken into Consideration.

CCA (copper chromate arsenic) treated timber / wood Cooling Towers have proven themselves the world over. These timber / wood Cooling Towers are available in induced draft cross flow & induced draft counter flow design. Water handling capacity ranges from 60 M3/hr. to 16000 M3/hr. per cell capacity. Fan diameter varies from 1500 mm to 10000 mm. Different models have different Air Travels, Fill height, Fill pattern, Fan diameter, etc. in cross flow design AND varied Fill height, Fill design, etc. in counter flow design.

Timber cooling towers Wooden Cooling Towers
Wooden Cooling Towers

All timber is Pine wood and is treated with Chromate Copper Arsenates. All plywood components are treated marine grade water proof plywood. All sections are fully machined prior to treatment.

STRUCTURAL FRAMINGStructure is bolted and is designed to withstand all operational loads and wind pressure.

Hardware such as nuts, bolts, washers, ring connectors etc. shall be hot dip galvanized steel.

Timber Cooling Tower

INTERNAL FILLS:Rectangular Fill splash bars are designed to offer maximum splash and wetted surface in such a manner that it permits no dislocation of splash bars and yet allows them to expand or contract with changes in moisture content of wood without cracking, warping or sagging. Splash bars are supported in GRP grid supporters, which are firmly attached to structural girt members.

DRIFT ELIMINATOR:These are made of treated timber planks supported on grooved treated plywood Eliminator frame in herringbone pattern or PVC in Construction.

Wooden Cooling Towers

CASING AND AIR INLET LOUVERS:These will be made of corrugated AC Sheet or FRP Sheet. Tower corners are covered by FRP boards. Casing is water tight sealed. Air inlet Louvers are of corrugated AC Sheets or FRP Louvers.

DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM:Cross flow towers employ a swamped pan distribution. The open pan covering the entire fill area distributes hot water evenly over the fills by means of PVC nozzles.

FAN DECK:The fan deck is of FRP OR MS/HDG Construction with Motor frame & Fan Guard.


  • Field-erected industrial type, available in counter flow or cross flow configuration with RC structure, wood structure, HDGS structure or FRP structure.
  • Specifically customer-design.
    1. Capacity range : Customer-designed models with single cell capacities from 500 to 6000 nominal tons. (Various Modular combinations are available to meet different cooling capacity requirements and job site Restrictions)
    2. Applicable for : Medium to large HVAC & Process industrial applications, Steel Plants, Oil Plants
    3. Benefits : Each tower is customer designed to meet the needs of the individual cooling capacity requirement or job site restriction. Available in a wide range of water flow rates

The relevant Counter flow tower with wood splash bar states become increasingly large and more efficient. The configuration of Cooling Tower consists of copper chromate arsenic Treated Timber to resist the contaminated water from the process industries. It is money saving and energy conservation strategy to over size your Cooling Tower for cold water.

Mechanical draft towers have either direct driven or gear driven fan depends upon the capacity of each cell. Normally small capacity towers (Approx. Single cell capacity up to 200 m3/hr and DT 15°C) are direct driven and higher capacity towers are gear driven.We also manufacture single stripping special purpose cooling tower for DT up to 50°C.

Structure Treated timber
Fill Treated timber / PVC
Fill Support GRP grids / SS. grids
Drift eliminator Treated timber 2 pass / PVC
Drift eliminator support Marine plywood / PP.
Structural connector FRP rings
Nozzle Polypropylene (PP)
Hardwares HDG.MS. /SS.
Nails Screw Shank SS.
Fan assembly Cast aluminium alloy / GRP bladed
Fan cylinder FRP
Gearbox Worm / Spiral bevel
Drive shaft Floating HDG.MS
Casing & louvers Corrugated AC.sheet /Corrugated FRP sheet
Electric motor To suit country specific
Cold water basin RCC(by purchaser-drawing provided)



Imported Pine Woods Are Used in Casing Structures.Wood is treated for Working In Water and Bad Weather.Structure Is Covered With Asbestos Sheet or Frp Sheet.


We use Treated Pinewood Wooden Fills reapers or PVC V Type Splash Bar for the wooden cooling towers. As it gives the better performance to cool the water with high efficiency.The fills will work on the principle of pausing the flowing water to fall through a grid of wooden reapers fills / Splash Bar. Pausing the water droplets to break up & increase the contact time between water & Air . Also the falling water encounters, multiple layers of this splash fills. Droplets keep diving into smaller size will be increasing the heat transfer and cooling the water.


The fill support grid is used for support the fills & the material of Fills Grid Support is SS304 & FRP.It maximize the portability of water drops continuously encountering these thin horizontal stripes on their way down the basin. This grid is non-corrosion from the Raw water. It supported in uniformly spaced tiers throughout the cell Width & length on the stainless steel wire hanging from supports installed under the Water distribution systems.The each grids in each tiers is secured to all adjacent gridsby special clips that tie the entire fills assembly in a secured place.We have supplied these fills support grid for all sizes of the cooling tower.


The Drift Eliminator are used to capture the water droplets in the air steam that otherwise would be lose to the atmosphere. The Drift Eliminator are specially to achieve the maximum efficiency in both counter flow and cross flow cooling tower application with various product option to minimize the pressure drops.

Materials Used : Treated Pinewood, UV Resistant , U-PVC.


The Target nozzle is an injection moulded polypropylene unit consisting of two parts—the main body with integral target diffuser and a Snap-On insert or orifice cap.The Spiral Target nozzle is available in three lengths. The 2.625 nozzle is used on wood, steel, and fiberglass cooling towers where basin support structure doesnot obstruct the release of water. The 4.875 nozzle is used on larger industrial wood and concrete cooling towers and on applications where clogging might be a concern. The 6.875 nozzle is used on towers where the release of the water has to clear obstructions within the tower structure.In every application the target portion of the nozzle should be located at the correct distance above the top of the cooling tower fill to obtain maximum water distribution over the fill area.


Flow control valves have a simple & reliable design and are available in the capacity range of 300 to 2200 m3/h and size ranges of 150 to 300 NB. They are built specifically for cooling tower use and ensure low head losses. They are made of heavy duty cast iron bodies and have a stainless steel valvestem. We also coat our control valves with a layer of protective coating that resists corrosion.


Induced draft axial type fan assembly with pitch adjustable fan blades. Fan blades material could be FRP Aluminium extrusion or Aluminium alloy. Fan hub material is H.D.G.Steel.


Electrical Fan Motor Is Specially Designed for Cooling Tower Application .It Has Low Rpm, Long Shaft Fitment and Vertical Mounted For Better Airflow , Reducing Vibration and Low Noise Pollution. Test [Total Enclosed Surface Cooled] Insulated Ip-55 Grade With Weather Proof Design Sustain In Bad Weather.


The gearbox used for reducing the speed from the incoming motor to the outgoing fan of the cooling tower. The minimum service factor is 2.0 life of the baring is longer than the 1,00,000 hours. The gear box . Without the gearbox technology, Cooling tower motor would be massive to directly handle the torque required by the fan. The large cooling tower application ,the fan typically operates at a speed between 100 to 200 RPM.The most common RPM is 1800RPM.


The driveshaft transmits power from the output shaft of the motor to the input shaft of the Geareducer. Because the driveshaft operates within the tower, it must be highly corrosion resistant. Turning at full motor speed, it must be well balanced—and capable of being re-balanced. Transmitting full motor power over significant distances, it must accept tremendous torque without deformation. Subjected to long term cyclical operation, and occasional human error, it must be capable of accepting some degree of misalignment.


The Cooling Tower fan deck is horizontal surface found at the top of the tower. The fan Deck is a grade place to soak up the sun.It provides the axis to thevarious mechanical components of the cooling tower. Depending upon the configuration. The fan deck will be constructed of the plywood / FRP .


Open gravity type basin made of tongue and grooved treated timber Plank / marine Plywood fitted with polypropylene spiral target nozzles to have uniform hot water Distribution over the entire fill area.


The standard cladding of profile corrugated asbestos cement sheet, the joints of which are lapped to shed water only inside the cooling tower. Louvers are supported and positioned by combination tower columns and louvers supports.