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Timber Cooling Towers

We Welltech cooling systems are one of Indian leading manufacturing and best Services of wooden cooling towers. Since, dealing among a projects in India and overseas of cooling technologies.

The design incorporates accommodation of waters with very high TDS factors the hot water from the source when circulated to the collection basin with flower pot nozzles, are sprayed over the fill area. Simultaneously, air is induced through the fill media thus taking away the latent heat from the water passing through the fill media. Portions of water evaporated, removes the heat from the remaining water. The warm moist air is drawn through the fan deck is discharged to the atmosphere. Cold water, collected at the collection sump, is re-circulated to the heat source.

Wooden Cooling Towers

All timber is Pine wood and is treated with Chromate Copper Arsenates. All plywood components are treated marine grade water proof plywood. All sections are fully machined prior to treatment.

STRUCTURAL FRAMINGStructure is bolted and is designed to withstand all operational loads and wind pressure.

Hardware such as nuts, bolts, washers, ring connectors etc. shall be hot dip galvanized steel.

Timber Cooling Tower

INTERNAL FILLS:Rectangular Fill splash bars are designed to offer maximum splash and wetted surface in such a manner that it permits no dislocation of splash bars and yet allows them to expand or contract with changes in moisture content of wood without cracking, warping or sagging. Splash bars are supported in GRP grid supporters, which are firmly attached to structural girt members.

DRIFT ELIMINATOR:These are made of treated timber planks supported on grooved treated plywood Eliminator frame in herringbone pattern or PVC in Construction.

Wooden Cooling Towers

CASING AND AIR INLET LOUVERS:These will be made of corrugated AC Sheet or FRP Sheet. Tower corners are covered by FRP boards. Casing is water tight sealed. Air inlet Louvers are of corrugated AC Sheets or FRP Louvers.

DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM:Cross flow towers employ a swamped pan distribution. The open pan covering the entire fill area distributes hot water evenly over the fills by means of PVC nozzles.

FAN DECK:The fan deck is of FRP OR MS/HDG Construction with Motor frame & Fan Guard.