Fanless Cooling Towers Manufacturers

Fanless Cooling Towers Manufacturers

Natural Type Cooling Towers are nothing but the water is cooled with natural atmospheric air travelling and the water is sprayed with the help of Spray nozzles and covered with louver covers. This method saves the operating cost because it has no mechanical fans. These cooling towers are called as atmospheric cooling tower or Fanless and fillless cooling tower.

Splash loss and dust prevention capacity: Five-fold water blocker installed at the air vents of the tower top for liquid-water separation. In addition to dust prevention, the water splash loss is between 0.001~0.009% (as per spray pressure). Reduce more than 90% water splash loss than the traditional tower and reduce the transmission of Legionella bacteria


We manufacture Fanless cooling tower assembly is based on the principal of transfer of heat from hot water to atmospheric air by arranging the both air & water to come in contact with each other in such a fashion that heat transfer is maximum. Air and water both travel together in the same direction from top to bottom. Hot water is allowed to spray through specially designed nylon/pp nozzles at minimum 0.5 kg./ sq. cm pressure. Water enters nozzle tangentially at top and is given spiral action in spiral chamber. This spiral action increases as water approaches the discharge orifice and comes out centrally from discharge orifice with fine droplets in umbrella shape. Air around the nozzle is sucked because of air displacement at a lower level near discharge orifice and fresh dry air takes its place.

This assures better contact of air and water and the high cooling efficiency. Note: This cooling tower can be installed where the requirement of the cooling water temperature is not critical. The cooling tower water approach is higher and enough open space is available.

MODEL: ACT /FRP-050 to ACT /FR-0100

Draught Type/ SHAPE Flow Type MOC Water Flow Rate (LPM) Fill type Drive Type
Natural Draft/ Rectangle Fanless Nominal Flow FRP 100 – 10,000 Fill less Non Drive

Fanless Cooling Towers


Our C. T. Design is based on heat transfer from water drops to the surrounding air by the transfer of sensible and latent heat. Sensible heat transfer owing to difference in temperature of water and air. Latent heat transfer owing to vaporization of small portion of water.


0.4 0.5 70 degree
0.5 0.53 80 degree
0.6 0.58 90 degree
0.7 0.62 120 degree
0.8 0.65 130 degree


Louvers FRP (Isopthalic with Gel Coating)
Structural Supports FRP (Isopthalic Resin with Gel Coating and MS Inserts)
Inlet Flanges Heavy Duty PVC/PP
Spray Header Heavy Duty PVC/PP , 10Kg/cm2 pressure rating(FRP Lined)
Drift Eliminators FRP (Inbuilt in Louvers)
Spray Nozzles 30% Glass Filled Nylon 6
Nut, Bolts & Washers 30% Glass Filled Nylon 6 and MS Inserts


Fanless Cooling Towers which Field assembled after despatch. At site the tower has just to be bolted, on the RCC / brick masonry foundation, that’s installation is in customer side. Towers of higher capacity can easily be assembled at site and then installed in a manner similar to small towers.


Louvers are Horizontal and circular in shape are made of moulded FRP (Fibre reinforced plastic) using isopthalic resin with neopentyl glycol and suitable U.V. Stabilisers. The louvers have in built mist-eliminators to minimise mist losses.


Made up of thermoplastic pipes reinforced with FRP fitted with thermoplastic(GF Nylon/PP)whirljet nozzles. The nozzles are self-cleaning,hence no regular Maintenance needed.The nozzles feature a centre post design,it provides long service life and excellent spray pattern uniformity by Precisely controlling the fluid of vertex in the nozzles whirlchamer.Carefully Engineered spray system to assure maximum cooling capacity/cubic foot of Tower volume.Entire utilization of tower area is achieved by Specially designed spray nozzles in a pattern determined by test and experience to assure the most effective cooling performance.


The performance of cooling tower greatly depends upon the water distribution over the fills. Nozzles distribute water evenly through a wide spray angle without any drypockets.They are lightweight and reduce the frequency of clogging. The nozzles produce a solid cone spray of water that is distributed in a square pattern onto the fills.


Vertical supports are made of moulded FRP with foundation plates also of FRP having stiffened core for better strength and stability.


The nutbolts and washer are made of reinforced thermoplastic with main structural bolts of MS-GF Nylon. Therefore all the hardware is of high strength and corrosion free.

M.O.C. 30% Glass filled Nylon 66