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Dry Cooling Towers

Dry Cooling Towers is also known to be indirect closed loop cooling tower. Dry Cooling Towers has been structured in an way that water is cooled by the circulation through the finned tubes, which results in heat transfer. Due to this Dry Cooling Towers doesnt need much of water as the water is not loosed. We manufacture from low capacity to high capacity depends on customer. We also deal Overseas Clients.

The hot water from any equipment can be sent to the inlet of the Dry Cooling Tower & that hot water get Cooled and Cold water outlet from the Dry / Coil is connected to the pump, which pumps the cold water to the equipment to transfer the heat from the equipment with less Evaporation loss, Maintenance free, No need of raw Water tank & 100% free from decaling.

Dry Cooling Towers Dry Cooling Towers Manufacturers



The best quality imported (5/8") OD copper tubes in Level Wound Coils are used. This ensure coils with the minimum number of joints by forming a hair pin bends as well as to form a uniform wall thickness that eliminates embarrassing and expensive leaks after installation. Tubes are staggered in the path of airflow for better heat transfer efficiency.


They are die-formed from thick walled tubing that is heavier than the standard tubing used in the rest of the coils. This provides the toughness and durability required in the most vital parts of the coils.


Inlet and outlet headers are constructed of heavy wall steel pipes with shoulders formed at each brazed connection to the 5/8" tube in the coil. This shoulders intruded with special tooling provides the strength to the brazed joint that eliminates another source of leak during transit and installation.


Tubes are Mechanically expanded for an optium bond between tube and fin. This positive and controlled expansion procedure provides a clean, smooth inner tube surface for allow water pressure drop and guarantees uniform heat transfer between tube.


Dry Cooling Tower is mounted on a heavy duty channel base frame. Non corrosive fibre glass / GI panels are used for enclosure. Aero dynamically balanced high efficiency axial flow fans with low noise are used. The motors are IP 55 class with extended SS shaft. The low speed of the motor minimises noise and increases efficiency. Motors are specially designed to withstand moisture, rain and dust. The hot water from the diesel engine is sent to the inlet of the Dry Cooling Tower. This hot water is cooled and cold water from the outlet of the cooling tower is connected to a pump which pumps the water to the diesel engine (or any other load) to pick up the heat from the generator.