Condensor Coil Heat Exchangers

Condensor Coil Heat Exchangers

The baffled shell-and-tube heat exchanger, with shell-side condensation, is the most common type of condenser used in the process industries. It is most often mounted horizontally. Our air-cooled condenser coolers are designed to meet the needs of any size of installation. We produce products for a wide range of applications, from air conditioning to close control, refrigeration and liquid cooling.

Our external air cooled units are renown for their combination of performance, low noise emission and wide range of capacities.



1.Broad range of sizes and materials
2.Different sizes and profiles 3.Round or elliptical tubes
4.A range of Tube material including aluminum, copper-alloys, titanium, stainless steel and nickel-alloys etc.
5.Fin pitches from 1 to 40 fins per inch.


1.Water Cooled Condensers
2.Double Tube Condenser
3.Spiral Finned Tubes
4.Corrugated Tubes
5.Integral Tubes
6.Extruded Finned Tubes