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Closed Circuit Cooling Tower / Evaporative Cooling Towers

FRP Closed Circuit Cooling Towers

Closed-circuit evaporative cooling towers, welltech recommends a cooling tower plus a plate heat exchanger system. The skid-mounted plate heat exchanger provides a closed-circuit on the hot side of the heat exchanger. The non-corroding welltech cooling tower feeds the cold side of the plate heat exchanger.

The advantages of this system over a closed-circuit cooling tower (usually galvanized sheet steel and galvanized steel coil inside a cooling tower box) are:

Types of Closed Circuit Cooling Tower

  • Combined Flow
  • Counter Flow

Our Closed Circuit Cooling System gives completely rated thermal presentation, which also by yourself verified over special types of flow and high temperature requirements. Closed Circuit Cooling Towers are high efficiency and water saving.

Welltech cooling systems are very specialist in the Closed Circuit cooling tower designing in india and we designing the cooling tower as per the client requirements and well designed for various industries. We also design and develop the Closed Loop Cooling Tower and the the system in a highly efficient heat transfer process. We offer high capacity closed circuit design and we provide following flow types, combined flow, Parallel flow, Counter flow.


We may well include various percent of the cooling water from the available water resources to the closed circuit cooling system and we be able to decrease the cooling tower size.

Closed Circuit Cooling Towers are accomplished of incoming fluid temperatures as high as 180ºF (82.2ºC),.